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Enhancing Quality of Life

From the onset of an admission, the staff at Wilson Pines Nursing and Rehabilitation Center gathers all available and pertinent information about the resident to enhance their quality of life during their stay with us.

To begin the process a meeting with the resident and their family is scheduled within the first 24 to 48 hours. Our senior leaders gather as a group in the resident’s room and use this time to introduce each member of our management team while at the same time discussing the resident’s short and long term goals.  Doing this allows the families and new resident to understand what to expect and also gives them the opportunity to ask questions. Each meeting gives our leaders more opportunity to evaluate the individual needs of our residents and how to best care for them in the future.

After this meeting our senior leaders are able to take the information that they have learned back to their staff and instruct them on how best to care for this specific resident.  The process is followed up with a formal care plan meeting with the resident and family to address any new needs of the resident, to pin-point any break down in deployment of care and to re-instruct staff as needed to correct any issues brought to our attention.

We continue this process daily in our department head meetings for short term residents and daily in our nursing meetings for all residents