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Resident Stories

Look at Where I am Now

“When I came here, I wasn’t walking. I was holding the wall and sliding. I have had many struggles but look at c eatmonwhere I am now. I made it with the help of Jesus. I would recommend this place to someone else because it is very clean here. I picked this place over all the other places here in Wilson.”

— C. Eatmon

m eatmanNice and Sweet

“I couldn’t tell you how much being at the Wilson Pines has been to me! It is home, eating our meals, it’s having activities, being with friends, helping each other out, having a store where we can buy snacks and etc. In fact, I work at the store as often as they will let me. It’s knowing that you have someone to help you, day and night. The workers are nice and sweet to us.”

— Maggie Eatman

Off the Chart

“I have been at Wilson Pines now for over a year and a half. Prior to my admission I felt miserable. The staff here d fordtook me in and took time to work with me and put me back on track. I love the activities, especially BINGO. The staff here are very easy to talk to and feel like my family. The rehab dept is “off the chart”. They push you to your full potential.”

—  Daryl Ford

From my Heart

“I’ve been here for 5 years. When I came thru the front door, I said Lord, it’s just you and me and I didn’t think I was ever going to make it. Since then, it has done a 360 on me. It’s not what I thought it was. I really like it here. I love the people. I love my roommate and unless I can have a place of my own, I am perfectly happy here. I love the activities here because where I came from, there were none. And that is from my heart.”

— A. Joyner

They’ll have to Throw me Out

“I have been here for 4 ½ years. July will be 5. I’m satisfied. I wouldn’t go to another place unless they threw me out. I have made more friends here than I ever have. I love everybody here and I have no enemies. I love the activities.”

— D. Webb