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Staff Notes

Meet Darwin and Izzy

darwin 1


Darwin is a certified service dog that completed nine months of professional training at a facility in Orlando, FL., with a non-profit organization called Canine Companions for Independence (CCI). CCI is a nation-wide non-profit organization that provides service dogs to individuals to improve their overall quality of life. CCI provides three different categories of dogs to individuals: service dogs, skilled companions, and facility dogs.

Darwin’s owner is Emily Nelson, our Speech Therapist. She uses Darwin in our facility for the majority as a motivator. He encourages people to participate in activities or therapy, to get out



of their rooms and to socialize with other people. He also participates in actual therapy tasks by allowing residents to give him one of the forty commands he knows.

Everyone loves Darwin and we all feel he is a part of our family.

Izzy is part of our family, too. Izzy was found outside our facility over a year ago–scared, tiny and starving. We took her in, cleaned her up and took her to the vet. Thankfully, she survived. She lives in our Director of Nursing office and the residents that are cat lovers stop by to sneak a peek at her. She is like most cats, it depends on her mood if she wants to come out and visit, but everyone loves her.

Staff Successes

At Wilson Pines Nursing and Rehabilitation Center we pride ourselves in providing a supportive and secure work environment for our staff. Our efforts begin with selecting an employee of the month each month, which provides upfront parking and other facility perks. Staff from each department is also recognized during their discipline’s special month.

Professionally, we support our staff by providing cross training, scholarships to further their career, and training for our certified nursing assistants to become medication administration aides.  We encourage all employees to further their education and gladly adjust their work schedules to accommodate their school schedules.

Below, are the stories of several employees who started their careers at Wilson Pines Nursing and Rehabilitation Center and have taken advantage of our many programs to advance their careers with us.

k jones

Kim Jones

Kim Jones began her career here in 1998. She started as the Receptionist and worked her way up to being our Medical Records Specialist. From there she was promoted to Data Entry Clerk and then became our Admissions Director. Currently she works in our MDS department as a licensed practical nurse. She continues to grow her career and has recently applied to one of the area community colleges to obtain her associates degree in nursing as a registered nurse.

t wells

Tracy Wells

Tracy Wells began her career here in 1994 as a certified nursing assistant. She continued her education and became a licensed practical nurse. During her time as a LPN she has worked as a floor nurse, a treatment nurse and a Staff Facilitator. Tracy completed her education and received her associates degree in nursing and now practices as a registered nurse in our MDS department.

bj pate 2

Alfreda “BJ” Pate

Alfreda “BJ” Pate began her career here in 1996 as a Certified Nursing Assistant. BJ was promoted to the Ward Clerk’s position and later, furthered her career by becoming our Medical Records Specialist.